1More Piston Fit Premium In Ear-Best Earphones Under Rs.1000

By | August 6, 2017

1MORE PISTON FIT Premium Best Earphones Under Rs.1000 India

1More Piston Fit Premium India: Music is an essential part of our lives. There are very few people in the world who are not a fan of music. Since the inception of mobile phones carrying music with us and listening to them whenever we feel like has become a part of our lives.

The quality of music and the sound equipment’s too have improved drastically over the years. The music listening experience of today is unique to what it was a few years ago. Every few years we find some innovation has come up and has taken the music listening experience higher.

Earphones are an essential equipment when it comes to listening to music on our phones. So as a music lover when I bought the 1MORE PISTON FIT Premium India In-Ear Earphones/Headphones with Mic last week, I was looking for something different. After one week use, I think I have found a headphone which has taken my music listening experience of the new level.

Before this, I was not a big fan of experimenting with the newer and the less popular brands when it came to earphones, however, this time I am glad I took the chance and got this ideal headphone for myself which has changed the way I look at this brand now.

Here, I will be discussing my experience with these new earphones and why I think this is an excellent product worth buying.

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1MORE PISTON FIT Premium India

Design: Although this is perhaps not the first thing I look about in earphones, the design and the color of this product deserves mention. It looks classy and sleek and draws instant attention wherever I go wearing it. It not only looks excellent but it also fits in my ear perfectly, something which does not happen with too many earphones that I have used in the past. The design of the headphone thanks to its Piston Classic oblique angled ear fittings does not allow to enable it to fall off when I am running or exercising. It makes it ideal for traveling and working out.


Sound Quality: Coming to the most important aspect of this product, the sound of this earphone is mind-blowing. It is better than anything that I have ever heard in this price range. Its dynamic Dual driver dual layer composite driver with aerospace grade titanium gives sounds which are clearer than most. The beats of the songs are clear and sharp. The bass system in this earphone allows me to enjoy every beat in every song. The tuning of this earphone which is done by Grammy award winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi is top notch.

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Price: If the big brands sold this product then it would have been sold at a much higher price than what it is. I think the sound quality and the design of this product 1MORE PISTON FIT Premium India would have ensured that it was a big hit even if it would have been sold at a price which is three times as it is now. So it is a steal at a cost and therefore gives you the opportunity to experience top quality music at a very reasonable price.

You too can buy it at the best price here 1MORE PISTON FIT Premium India: http://amzn.to/2syn7ag

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